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This is Penn State Health. This is Community.

This is where we live. This is our heart and humanity. This is how we help the people who need it most.


This is Community. At Penn State Health, we work and volunteer to provide a program of care and support for the people of central PA. We help them maintain the health they need to live the life they want. We believe in driving change and offer our strong hearts and helping hands anywhere they’re needed.


The Penn State Nittany Lion poses with his thumb up and a bandage on his arm at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. He is standing with five women who are community health nurses at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Behind them is a Penn State Health banner and a curtain.

Community Programs

Time, money, supplies, friendship—there are many ways we come together to improve the places we live and work.

A woman medical laboratory scientist at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center holds a test tube as she performs a test. On the counter in front of her is a container lined in plastic and lab equipment. She is wearing plastic scrubs, a face mask and a lanyard around her neck. She has short hair pulled into a ponytail.


From our frontlines to your front yards, our community is coming together, while staying apart, to achieve one common goal: To ensure the best health for everyone.

Three women smile at a table with three young girls at the Farmers Market in Hershey in 2017. Two trays of vegetables are on the table in front of them with four dolls shaped as fruits and vegetables. Behind them is a thin curtain. A row of parked cars is on the right.

Events & Activities

Sometimes having a little fun or learning something new together is a great way to strengthen the community.

A premature infant lies sleeping in an isolette inside a neonatal intensive care unit. The infant has dark hair and is wearing a diaper, socks and an identification bracelet. A monitor is attached to the infant’s abdomen. A woman’s hands are extended through the arm holes and touching the infant’s head and hand.

Research and Innovation

When we experience our worst, we do our best by uplifting one another with love and hope.

Paul Brennan kisses his daughter Lilly’s forehead as he holds her in his arms. They are standing in front of a row of American flags. He has short hair and is wearing a polo shirt. She has shoulder-length hair, is wearing a flowered dress and is smiling. Behind them are trees.


This is who we dedicate our lives to, giving them the health they need to live the way they want.