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This is how we change the future

Research and Innovation

At Penn State Health, we work hard every day to deliver the health we need to live the way we want. Today, tomorrow and years from now.

We also closely collaborate with our colleagues at Penn State College of Medicine to deliver the best health care, research and innovation. And to continually ask questions and seek answers so we can provide better health for the people of our community.

A premature infant lies sleeping in an isolette inside a neonatal intensive care unit. The infant has dark hair and is wearing a diaper, socks and an identification bracelet. A monitor is attached to the infant’s abdomen. A woman’s hands are extended through the arm holes and touching the infant’s head and hand.

This is how we restore hope

Looking for a way to help the sickest of babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) breathe better and thrive has been Dr. Charles Palmer’s main focus for the past 20 years. As a neonatologist at Penn State Children’s Hospital and professor at Penn State College of Medicine, he took that problem to his research colleagues, and they are now on track to help the next generations of premature babies and their parents breathe easy.